World’s Top Ten Sniper Rifles

My personal opinion on the deadliest ‘toys’ in the battlefield… #1 is there due to it’s incredible range, and especially due to it’s hability to relieve the Sniper of all those time consuming calculations and equations, making the shoot a lot easier and (probably) more accurate. #2 is there due to all you may see: range, accuracy, big and deadly round but mostly because it was with that rifle that the TWO longest shoots known to man were made. Both shoots in the same operations from TWO CANADIANS in the same sniper team. Corporal Rob Furlong made a 2430 meters shoot on a moving target (3rd shoot the taliban was killed) and the other was Master Corporal Arron Perry made a 2310 meters kill. No matter how good and accurate might a Sniper Rifle be it’s ALLWAYS up to the SNIPER to make that ONE SHOOT KILL count… I apologize for the low quality of the videoclip of the HK PSG1… Please enjoy… Any doubts feel free to post it… PS Weight….. M200 Cheytac: 14 kg TAC-50: 12 kg AI AW50: 15 kg AI AS50: 14 kg Barrett M107: 16 kg L115A1/A3: 6.9 kg Sako TRG-42: 5.8 kg M40A3: 8 kg HK PSG1/MSG90: 7.2 kg M110 SASS: 7 kg note: The M40A3 is really heavy for a .308 but it virtually indestructable… Obviously if you customize your rifle the weight won’t match these standarts… C YA
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Special Forces Workouts

Special forces have insane workout schedules that they have to follow in order to keep their body in shape for what they need to do.  Does it compare to workouts like P90X or Turbo Fire.  You make the call.

To begin with I want to make the declaration that each piece of equipment and exercise is a means to an end.

Assuming you want to gain muscle mass and muscular strength you should be aware of that you will find many different ways to do so, for biceps you could do dumbbell curls or you could do chin ups, every individual will respond differently to each exercise.

The two of them are good work outs and as a matter of fact neither of them is better, the dumbbell curl is an isolation exercise that is better for more advanced people and the chin-up stimulates the back and the forearms as well as the biceps which makes it a compound exercise.

Compound exercises are great for first timers(or people who took a long break from the gym) to start with and will make you grow faster, but who am I to tell you how YOUR body will respond, remember that you as a unique individual should find out what works best for YOU.

Push-Ups Versus Bench Press’s

You might think that the bench press is better to the push-up but however you would be wrong.

Push-ups allow you to make use of your upper back in a way that a bench press wont allow, its possible to harm your back because of a muscle imbalance if your upper back is not very strong.

“The scapula is allowed to go through a full range of motion with push ups, but is constricted in all forms of bench pressing. ” – Zach Dechant a credible writer from

If they are too easy for you for a increased challenge you can do pushups while wearing a backpack filled with sand(or something else).

Bench pressing has the psychological effect of doing more but there is as much of a difference between pushups and bench presses as there is between working out a home gym and at a paid gym, there are some very clear distinctions but the end result is the same. You do virtually the same exercises in either a gym or system like the insanity workout and you promote the same muscles in either chest exercise.

So are push-ups better than bench press’s? absolutely no! neither is better than the other!

Every single exercise has a purpose and you can’t argue about either being ineffective unless of course you have done each of both for at least a year and its still a personal experience for every single one of us.

Weightlifting Workouts

Free weights have been around for ages, folks have used them for ages, even prior to gyms being widespread.

Its possible to accomplish some fantastic things with them, I use them personally and there are exercises that are not possible to perform without weights.

As far as what kind of weights you use(in case you have no dumbbells) it does not matter, I know a guy who claims that he got big by lifting rocks because he could not afford to go to the gym(true story), though dumbbells are advised seeing as they were crafted specifically for exercises.

Bodyweight Workouts

I use these kinds of exercises as well, there are particular exercises that you won’t be able to do with any gym equipment, like the handstand pushups which tend to be far more brutal than regular pushups.

The special forces are a great example of where guys use bodyweight workouts, they can’t bring in lots of gym equipment into their base so they take advantage of bodyweight exercises and they are definitely not out of shape if you ever met a dude who is in the special forces.


Forget about cd rates and cappuccinos, what is important is what your goals and intentions are for your body, because there are many roads to get to your goals and many tools.

Its up to you to determine what to do, you can use free weights or you can do bodyweight workouts, you can also do a combination of both.

In the long run you should do what is most effective for you, but remember never close off your mind to new possibilities.

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Character of Special Forces

Navy SEALs are considered more than ordinary human beings, they are expected to show attributes of superhuman a lot of times. In order to bring the mission to the fulfillment state, these US Navy SEALs have to be very responsible and strong. Though these SEALs use the vehicular support and weapons for the support, these individuals need have standalone persona to shine out in crowd. From the very start, the Navy SEALs have to have to showcase the unique characteristics. Right from the application process to the selection of these individuals, they have to prove themselves and display their qualities that are required for this tough job. It is one of the most responsibility laden jobs of the world. The security for a country relies on these individuals; they have to be very talented and proficient enough to take up the responsibility with great efficiency. They have to be active against the rogue nations and nefarious elements for protection of the country.These Navy SEALs need to have tactical and technical proficient. When these individuals are selected, they are thoroughly tested on the academic parameters. After the selection they have to undergo the training where they are given the training in different fields for enhancing the tactics and know how of these recruits. These Navy SEALs have to make use of the advanced weapons at the time of wars so they need to be equipped with the skills. The tactical decisions of these individuals have their influence on so many lives. One wrong decision can lead to taking up of a lot of lives.Apart from the technical know how, these individuals need to be responsible for taking up such important jobs. The person should be able to take the weight of the responsibilities attached to this job. A deep sense of responsibility towards the job, fellow members and the nation is required by the Navy SEALs. These individuals have to take so many key decisions in a spur of a moment so they should be potent of taking such a dutiful job. Responsible attitude is the core characteristic of a SEAL. They should also instill sense of responsibility among their subordinates.Decisiveness is yet another important characteristic that is needed by Navy SEAL. These people are among the time constraints, the restricted time in a mission requires these people to take the decisions that have impact on many people’s lives. They have to take decisions in a jiffy but the precision in these decisions is the important as so many lives rely in their decisions. For this reason, clear thinking is a must for the Navy SEALs.These seals also should have integrity and should carry on the missions with complete fortitude and honesty. They should not misuse the power they have for their own personal gains. Perseverance is an essential trait for of the US Navy SEALs too. Strong will and determination is a must as these individuals are the ones on which the success of mission relies. One weak moment can also lead to losing the battle to the enemies.Many of these men are family men too.  They get excited to get home to see their families. Bring their son home some ripstick wheels for his scooter see their daughter and wife.

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Lone Survivor: Navy SEALs on Set | EPIX

Mark Wahlberg and Emile Hirsch talk about what it was like filming Lone Survivor with Navy SEALs on set every day in this highlight from The Los Angeles Time…

Музыка из трейлера Уцелевший (Lone Survivor) Music: ================= Peter Gabriel – Heroes =================

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A few nice Navy Seals images I found:

Navy Seals

Image by U.S. Department of Defense Current Photos
A Navy SEAL platoon hangs beneath an HH-60H Seahawk of Helicopter Sea Combat (HSC) Squadron 84, "The Red Wolves", as they perform a Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction (SPIE) exercise during a demonstration at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek – Fort Story, Va. The Naval Special Warfare community displayed it’s capabilities as part of the 41st UDT-SEAL East Coast Reunion celebration. Events are planned throughout the weekend to honor UDT/SEAL history, heritage, and families. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Matt Daniels/Released)

Christening ceremony for ship named after Navy SEAL LT Michael Murphy
Navy Seals

Image by Official U.S. Navy Imagery
BATH, Maine (May 7, 2011) Guests await the christening ceremony for the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer Pre-commissioning Unit (PCU) Michael Murphy (DDG 112) at General Dynamics Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine. Michael Murphy was christened by Maureen Murphy, mother of the ship’s namesake, Navy (SEAL) Lt. Michael Murphy. Murphy was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan in June 2005. He was the first Sailor awarded the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Dominique M. Lasco/Released) 110507-N-KK330-134

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Nice Marine Snipers photos

A few nice Marine Snipers images I found:

Marine Snipers

Image by MATEUS_27:24&25
MK-I -63 Tonnes, 900 HP Engine, 105mm M68 Gun.
MK-II- Iden. but with more protection to urban-war.
MK-III- 65 Tonnes, 1200 HP Engine, 120mm Gun.
MK-IV- 65 Tonnes,1500 HP Engine, 120mm Gun.
Dimensions: 9.04 x 3.72 x 2.66 Meters.

Marine Snipers

Image by MATEUS_27:24&25

Marine Snipers

Image by MATEUS_27:24&25

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MTM Special Ops Watch Warrior

Warrior, tritium och vattentät till 200 m och finns i titan och stål. Du köper den från

My initial review of the Voodoo Tactical field medical pack. I got this one in Coyote brown/tan oddly enough, so that it would look less tactical yet still s…
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Call of Duty MW2 Special Ops Veteran “Homeland Security”

Call of Duty MW2 Special Ops Veteran “Homeland Security”。ベテランモード。セントリーガンに任せてイモってます。
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This video shows you how to get three stars.

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Cool Special Ops images

Check out these Special Ops images:

Special Ops

Image by ChuckHolton

Special Ops

Image by ChuckHolton

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