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World’s Top Ten Sniper Rifles

My personal opinion on the deadliest ‘toys’ in the battlefield… #1 is there due to it’s incredible range, and especially due to it’s hability to relieve the Sniper of all those time consuming calculations and equations, making the shoot a … Continue reading

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Special Forces Workouts

Special forces have insane workout schedules that they have to follow in order to keep their body in shape for what they need to do.  Does it compare to workouts like P90X or Turbo Fire.  You make the call. To … Continue reading

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Character of Special Forces

Navy SEALs are considered more than ordinary human beings, they are expected to show attributes of superhuman a lot of times. In order to bring the mission to the fulfillment state, these US Navy SEALs have to be very responsible … Continue reading

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Lone Survivor: Navy SEALs on Set | EPIX

Mark Wahlberg and Emile Hirsch talk about what it was like filming Lone Survivor with Navy SEALs on set every day in this highlight from The Los Angeles Time… Музыка из трейлера Уцелевший (Lone Survivor) Music: ================= Peter Gabriel – … Continue reading

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A few nice Navy Seals images I found: 100717-N-8949D-242 Image by U.S. Department of Defense Current Photos A Navy SEAL platoon hangs beneath an HH-60H Seahawk of Helicopter Sea Combat (HSC) Squadron 84, "The Red Wolves", as they perform a … Continue reading

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Nice Marine Snipers photos

A few nice Marine Snipers images I found: @MBT-Merkava_mk-1_001 Image by MATEUS_27:24&25 MK-I -63 Tonnes, 900 HP Engine, 105mm M68 Gun. MK-II- Iden. but with more protection to urban-war. MK-III- 65 Tonnes, 1200 HP Engine, 120mm Gun. MK-IV- 65 Tonnes,1500 … Continue reading

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MTM Special Ops Watch Warrior

Warrior, tritium och vattentät till 200 m och finns i titan och stål. Du köper den från My initial review of the Voodoo Tactical field medical pack. I got this one in Coyote brown/tan oddly enough, so that it … Continue reading

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Call of Duty MW2 Special Ops Veteran “Homeland Security”

Call of Duty MW2 Special Ops Veteran “Homeland Security”。ベテランモード。セントリーガンに任せてイモってます。 Video Rating: 4 / 5 This video shows you how to get three stars.

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Cool Special Ops images

Check out these Special Ops images: Sangin Image by ChuckHolton Sangin Image by ChuckHolton

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