Bulls enjoy their fight on big trip

Yup…it’s still raining cats n dogs here…O(
Surviving the Cut

Image by law_keven
Ireland 1 v Colombia 0 – Thursday May 29th 2008.

Republic of Ireland 1 v Colombia 0 – Thursday May 29th 2008.

Yup….as I said below I went to the footy last night, and got drenched, as it’s still raining cats n dogs here…:O(((……This is my first attempt at night sports photography and as I have mentioned before, night photography is NOT my forte, let alone fast moving subjects..lol.
So out of the hundreds of images I took only about 20 are any good…here’s a few that survived the cut…:O))))

Bulls enjoy their fight on big trip
Although no one would say it publicly, the Bulls’ main goal through the grueling November and early December schedule was simply to avoid getting buried. With Carlos Boozer (broken hand) out and a slew of tough road games, that sentiment was understandable. But the Bulls (7-4) are doing more than surviving.
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‘Driver fell asleep’
The society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) had to put down several head of cattle yesterday morning after a truck carrying 85 overturned on the N1 highway. Twenty-eight died in the crash.
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Scars linger years after Chelan school bus crash
November 26, 1945.
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