Call of Duty MW2 Special Ops Veteran “Homeland Security”

Call of Duty MW2 Special Ops Veteran “Homeland Security”。ベテランモード。セントリーガンに任せてイモってます。
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This video shows you how to get three stars.

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50 Responses to Call of Duty MW2 Special Ops Veteran “Homeland Security”

  1. MegaAirsoftAddict says:

    yeah they are

  2. Chronic Rage says:

    :O….good job. Prob is 4 me it feels like consoles are taking over.

  3. MegaAirsoftAddict says:

    i do. (US)

  4. Onixpected says:

    God. Damn. Fucking. Beast.

  5. Chronic Rage says:

    well mmo’s rule :D 

  6. zXxTheDarkWithinxXz says:

    I play on PC as well, problem is I can only really play MMO games, lol.

  7. Chronic Rage says:

    I thought im the only one to use a PC for games….guess only me you and Europe still have it :D

  8. Feget McScoot says:

    your name reminds me of an albanian singer

  9. 12Nudler says:


  10. gamesyousef says:

    UR PRO !

  11. Thomas Reimann says:

    This is total one man SEAL Team 6

  12. Nozyr says:

    Spec ops mastermind

  13. Azder says:

    Damn, But its okay ;)

  14. BlackSkorpion1991 says:


  15. Azder says:

    i really need help, on ps3?

  16. explosive105 says:

    nice thanks for showing all the sentrie guns lol i thought there were 2 my frined told me 3 and now i saw 4 lol thanks again! :D

  17. BlackSkorpion1991 says:

    hey man ! nice game… i have all the 69 stars and you ? if you need a hand contact me….

  18. 1remo1remo1 says:

    a F*CKING good idear!!

  19. sanzo87 says:

    Nice work!

  20. wearetheborg359 says:


  21. TheSherpa Tenzing says:

    Damn awesome!!

  22. bunker4649 says:



  23. supersky911 says:


  24. sarjan100 says:

    whats your steam? i wanna do spec ops with you lol!

  25. Jackbookowski89 says:

    Ok mate this should be like this don`t want to start flame war or something but some nice stuff was written in a guide at C0Dcheat(dot)com just change 0 to o

  26. suziwant says:


  27. Nuno Martins says:

    thaanks. platina trophy!

  28. Andrew Guthrie says:

    i have been amazed

  29. mw24life0123 says:

    armor piercing is easy just kill the first one and run to that hiding spot in the campaign where you use the c4 and camp there until one comes and snipe him through the pallet or going up the ladder

  30. ufcxchandlerx says:

    Or mod it

  31. flatlandrory says:

    sorry for late reply. I’ll add you and help if it’s on the ps3 as I don’t have an xbox. been a while since I’ve played but can still remember how it’s done.

  32. Joseph Bickers says:

    Meee Please?

    GT: CGN Dread

  33. Joseph Bickers says:

    I need someone to help me do High Explosive, Armor Piercing and this if you have Xbox 360 PLEASE replay with your GT

    Mine: CGN Dread

  34. michaelundert says:

    I remember playing this mission with 3 or 4 juggernauts coming at me.. you had FIVE O_O

  35. Vaas Montenegro says:

    what console if u haven’t already done it?

  36. Vaas Montenegro says:

    It isn’t called a juggernog, that is a perk on zombies, they are called juggernauts

  37. tgmiki96 says:

    bla bla bla juggernog bla bla bla SCAR-H bla bla bla intel bla bla bla Shadow Company bla bla bla Grenade bla bla bla japanese stuff bla bla bla

  38. sharkslasher1994 says:

    i need spec ops partner

  39. Shotbreaker1 says:

    I sprinted all the way, like the one that beated the world record… That’s how I got teached to do it.

  40. Salvador Ismael Velázquez says:


  41. flatlandrory says:

    I love mw2 spec ops. I’ve done them all on veteran. Msg me if you need a wingman

  42. Marco Solorio says:


  43. AsariC0mmando says:

    why does everybody grab that scar / thermal at the start?

  44. zeusbanini says:

    i need help with the 69 star trophy, and i cant find ANYONE! if there is anyone that can help me, add me on psn: kurt_ZeUs  …and i am ready to help you too thanks in advance!!

  45. Travis Parker says:

    really chinese

  46. DtodaH says:

    This does not have the same damage as my pc game on vet

  47. nestashko says:

    need to say, stupid method to get rid of juggernauts..

  48. Angel Dominguez says:

    This did not help. The other one in chenobyl did

  49. PCgamer238 says:

    ^(*(%$%((*^ SCAR-H #$^*

  50. peter455sd says:

    Fucking Juggernauts,i hate those bastards…

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