do navy divers learn hand to hand combat?

Question by Haunted: do navy divers learn hand to hand combat?
after all they are special forces and aren’t at sea all the time…
EDIT: not talking about salvage diving. I’m talking about the Seabee Underwater Construction Teams.
yes redleg, UCT is SpecWarfare:
@ redleg, if you read the whole page you see that special warfare and special operations are the same thing because they constantly interchange the words, so yes, Navy Divers are Special Operations/Warfare

Best answer:

Answer by redleg
Navy Salvage Divers ARE NOT Special Operations Forces


Underwater Construction Teams ARE NOT Special Operations Forces

It is SPECWARFARE…NOT Special Operations…


For the Army…Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations and the 160th SOAR (Spec Ops Aviation) falls under the Special Operations Command. But they ARE NOT Special Forces.

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2 Responses to do navy divers learn hand to hand combat?

  1. Daniel C says:


    Actually, they are the most likely group to end up hand to hand, ship boardings tend to be close, narrow and maze like.

    Point to red, he’s right, depends on the diver type.

  2. Armed with Inkstick says:

    On combat:;_ylt=Ahh9RKAv3CjIHRrsGuzkS7ojzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20100609165016AAmkJgL
    Divers aren’t trained in hand-hand combat. They are trained in finding and fixing things.

    Underwater Construction Teams are trained to build things, not fight people. There is no combat going on anywhere near where they are.
    On special ops:
    You’re both kind of wrong, but kind of right, too.

    In the Navy, the diver community and EOD are labeled as a community “Special Operations”. This is because they perform highly specialized and technically/physically demanding jobs. However, it’s not to be considered as equivalent to what the Army describes as Special Ops. They are not “Special Forces” in the way you think.

    SEALs are described as “Special Warfare”, and they ARE special forces in the way you think. They are also trained to dive and swim, but not in the same way as UCT/Divers. They’re trained to kill, not build.

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