Green Berets and the Navy SEAL Qualification?

Question by Jack: Green Berets and the Navy SEAL Qualification?
Alot of people talk about how hard it is to complete BUDS trainging to be a SEAL. But how hard is it to be a Green Beret?

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Answer by R.M. 61
a lot harder than SEALS!

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5 Responses to Green Berets and the Navy SEAL Qualification?

  1. stetsonman_89 says:

    both are physically demanding.

    but the requirements to become a green beret is different and the actual training time is much longer.

    for example the lowest rank in the SF is sgt. that means to try out you have to be at least an E-4 promotable.
    plus you have to be cross trained in a second MOS

  2. vampire13r says:

    To be a SEAL you have to play the National Anthem on the horns using your nose.

  3. John C says:

    Gren Beret training is almost a year long school. Buds is very demanding but GB training can be intensely mental as well.

  4. MC says:

    So here is the way it works…..
    Navy SEALs
    navy boot camp
    BUD/S-6 months
    -First Phase (Basic Conditioning)
    -Second Phase (Diving)
    -Third Phase (Land Warfare
    Jump school
    SQT-(SEAL Qualifying Training)-8 months
    Army Special Forces (green berets)
    army boot camp
    AIT (advanced individual training)
    Army Airborne School
    Special Operations Preparation Course (SOPC)
    Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS)
    Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC) ~11 months
    Live Environment Training (LET)

    Each of the green beret training segments are only 2-4 weeks long with the exception of SFQC

    Also upon completion of BUD/S all sailors are automatically promoted to e-4, and probably the same with green berets, being an e-4 is not a requirement.

    So it takes close to the same amount of time to be either a navy seal or a green beret but when it comes down to it seals are know to be far more aggressive with more demanding training, which is why they are given the most “Direct Action” missions than any other spec ops, whereas green berets would go into villages and gather intelligence and missions along those lines…..hope this helps

  5. Toe Cutter says:

    It’s pretty tough for a human to be a hat ( and Special Forces trainning ain’t no picnic either)

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