Lone Survivor: Navy SEALs on Set | EPIX

Mark Wahlberg and Emile Hirsch talk about what it was like filming Lone Survivor with Navy SEALs on set every day in this highlight from The Los Angeles Time…

Музыка из трейлера Уцелевший (Lone Survivor) Music: ================= Peter Gabriel – Heroes =================

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25 Responses to Lone Survivor: Navy SEALs on Set | EPIX

  1. ihatecountry777 says:

    Ciaphas Cain I think you mean by David Bowie. 

  2. skorpion97pl says:

    2:30 the best

  3. MCxRayxRay says:

    Do you know the song thats playing when Shane Patton is giving his speech.
    They guy who says, “I’m a Lover, I’m a fighter, I’m a UDT Navy SEAL diver”

  4. Jimmy Woods says:


  5. Ciaphas Cain says:

    This is a cover of the song HEROS from the WALLFLOWERS. Although I think is
    a much better version of that song.

  6. TH3PREVENT3R says:

    Agreed Nicholas

  7. Nicholas Ancona says:

    Every single time I see or think about something that has to do with the
    U.S. military forces and those that lose their lives fighting for their
    beliefs and country, tears come to my eyes. Why is a question that took me
    a bit to figure out, but I believe the reason for it is the fact that these
    people have the courage to risk everything they have for the United States,
    but we still forget their sacrifices and neglect to thank them for their
    will to fight for our rights.

  8. Grant Ganas says:

    have a spec warfare challenge in a couple days. Lets just say i have been
    using this song as motivation. Hoorah Marcus Lutrell and all the people
    lost during operation red wing.

  9. 81metfan says:

    SEALs. not soldiers

  10. softrance says:

    Red wings operation soldiers are heroes!! RIP

  11. Commander Cupcake says:

    Hey guys, just saw an exclusive showing of this movie! It’s pretty good. I
    won’t spoil anything for you, but trust me, its great!

  12. TheBillyReb says:

    I’ve listened to both versions and I like this one a lot better.

  13. sean murphy says:

    Oh! You saw the trailer too? I thought i was the only one….. Lol only

  14. sean murphy says:

    erm. no. david bowie did it best.

  15. Frank Pardi says:

    Been around the world twice, talked to everyone once. There ain’t anything
    I can’t do no sky too high no sea too rough. I’ve learned a lot of lessons
    in my life, never shoot a large caliber man with a small caliber bullet,
    anything in life worth doing is worth over doing, moderation is for
    cowards. I’m a lover, I’m a fighter, I’m a UDT Navy SEAL Diver.

  16. Teddy Mikos says:

    I love this artist

  17. Matthew Breslin says:

    THANK YOU :) This tune is bad-ass. Bro relabel this upload as PETER GABRIEL
    (HEROES, Music from “Lone Survivor” Trailer)….I think you will get more
    views, thnx again. cool beans

  18. William Garcia says:

    how can be heroes just for one day

  19. CallOfDutyRISE says:

    LOL the wallflowers he says…. Who are you !?

  20. Sam Postlethwaite says:

    Wallflowers did it better. but still a good song

  21. somebodyOelse says:

    It’s here bro: watch?v=tiHZ1kUPbCY. It’s a solid track

  22. ron p says:

    Thanks for posting

  23. scsvlogs says:

    Can u get the song from when patton is monologuing?

  24. Bilingue Keller says:

    Thx man.

  25. chris patton says:

    Great song

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