MTM Special Ops Watch Warrior

Warrior, tritium och vattentät till 200 m och finns i titan och stål. Du köper den från

My initial review of the Voodoo Tactical field medical pack. I got this one in Coyote brown/tan oddly enough, so that it would look less tactical yet still s…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. ThePauperPrepper says:

    Im in full agreement. That’s why I have multiple Trauma Kits, current issue
    USGI COMBAT LifeSaver Bags etc etc. I have plenty of stuff that I have no
    idea how to implement it, but I sure as heck want it around when some
    Doctor is leaning over me and says “I could save this guy, if I only had a
    double reverse lung extractor with a rigid 4X Flapper -Dapper Valve”. My
    hand comes up, and in a weak voice I exclaim ” With or without the X-
    Adapter? They’re in the Purple Bag!!” LOL

  2. 8digitPDX says:

    This one is getting some crossloaded contents from another bag that I am
    “retiring from service” when I get back to the survival retreat. One of the
    people involved is a paramedic but since I will be calling the shots on
    where this bag gets stored and/or deployed, I am footing the bill for it
    and its contents while her main bags stay with her work related stuff.

  3. 8digitPDX says:

    Yeah, it is amazing how many of the pros don’t stockpile the gear and most
    of that gear is both disposable and has shelf life issues, so SHTF
    shortages are something to contend with and your likelihood of receiving
    treatment will undoubtedly go hand in hand with your ability to provide the
    supplies for that treatment.

  4. ThePauperPrepper says:

    That pack is supposedly “Jumpable” and I think that is what the extra
    straps are for. Did not see really well in video. As to whether it is a
    truly jumpable pack would be questionable, a good question for say someone
    who is a PJ or Airborne MEDIC.(I am certainly not a jump certified MEDIC ,
    wish I was) Most jumpable packs have additional attachment points for the
    Parachute’s H-Harness and have a lowering strap of around 12 feet.

  5. ThePauperPrepper says:

    Your review is well thought out and stated. You are right in the fact that
    having gear that not everyone is capable of using, including the owner, is
    still a good thing. You never know who may be around that IS qualified to
    use IVs sutures, airways or advanced kit, but will not have their own gear
    with them. And it is always important to state , as you have, that someone
    with gear does not make them a MEDIC and one should never work out of their
    realm of knowledge. That’s how people die.

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