Q&A: How would i improve my chances of getting into the navy seals or delta force?

Question by Alexis B: How would i improve my chances of getting into the navy seals or delta force?
I am really interested in joining a branch of the armed forces. I would really like to get into delta force or the navy seals. How could i improve my chances of getting into one of them. I have been told they look for water polo players and wrestlers. I do not do either one, how could i improve my chances of joining one of these special operation teams??? please help, tell me what are some of the requirements i might need to make me a shoe in!! please help??

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Answer by RiskyBiz
Spend more time in the gym than you do anywhere else. Special Operations training is no joke, and the washout rates are extremely high. Mentally prepare yourself as best you can, the training will be Hell and you need to expect that.

They don’t care if you’re a water polo player or a wrestler, but joining one of those activities would supplement your workout routine.

Best of luck.

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  1. REMMI says:

    Obviously, physical stamina is a requirement so get in amazing shape. That’s the easy part. The rest is mental conditioning. Start by taking cold showers from now on. Stay up for days at a time and then exercise. Do lots of similar activities to stress your comfort zone. Good luck.

  2. Jellybelly says:

    you can start by not posting on yahoo.

    you also need to consider which branch you would like to serve in if it wasn’t with the special forces, because truth be told, you probably won’t make it in.

    if you’re at all serious go speak to a recruiter before you think too far ahead

  3. BreakItDwn says:

    I am not sure but judging by your name ‘Alexis’ I am guessing you are a girl/woman. I know that, by law, only men are allowed to join the Navy SEALs. I don’t know about Delta Force. But if you are a male I would say to talk to a recruiter and also train as hard as you can to be at peak condition. There is a minimum physical screening test you must pass before being accepted to even go to BUD/s. Good Luck

  4. Robert says:

    Do not plan on doing anything else with your life for about 6 months to a year.

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