Q&A: What are the eyesight requirements for the navy SEALs?

Question by rootbeerintexas: What are the eyesight requirements for the navy SEALs?
Im considering joing the Navy and possibly the seals but I wear contacts. My vision isnt terrible but Id like to know what the requirements are as far as eyesight goes.

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Answer by LadySnowbird
Go talk to a recuiter. The Navy SEALs only take the very best.

SEALs are required to perform a variety of tasks that require a high vision aptitude. SEAL candidates may qualify for PRK Refractive Surgery to correct their vision. You can read more about the PRK policy on the BUMED PRK Refractive Surgery web site http://navymedicine.med.navy.mil. Eyesight Requirements: Uncorrected vision can be no worse than 20/200 in each eye. Both eyes must be correctable to 20/20

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  1. david j says:

    here’s your answer from a current Navy Recruiter… 20/whatever isn’t the biggest factor if it’s correctable. The eyesight problem that knocks guys out of the running for SEAL is color blindness (depth perception would probably be a limiting factor as well). And the real way to find out if you’re qualified is to talk to a recruiter, take the ASVAB, and go to MEPS for a physical. You need to do well on the ASVAB.
    And keep in mind that you can’t get SEAL in your contract right away. You have to qualify for it. If you meet the moral, mental and medical-physical qualifications for it, then you would have to pick a different job (not SEAL) when talking to the job classifier, and while you’re in the Navy’s Delayed Entry Program (DEP) with that other job, before you go to boot-camp, you can take the SEAL P.S.T. (Pre-Screening Test). Involving push-ups, sit-ups, 500 meter swim, pull-ups, and mile & 1/2 run. Once you pass the requirements, your recruiter will submit a request to change your job to SEAL.
    And also keep in mind that if you don’t pass the pre-screening test before you ship to boot-camp, you can volunteer to try for SEAL in boot-camp, and you can also go for it while you’re on active duty.
    FC2 Jordon (Navy Recruiter)

  2. player says:

    well your gonna have to be very strong, determined and willing. there gonna make you do high altitudes jumps from planes from the stratosphere!

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