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  1. Limp Wood says:

    Thats almost common sense isnt it? haha.

  2. jimmeh wafflepiz says:

    nope. they’re going after the people inside it.

  3. UARAF16 says:

    “This is what people are dying for. Little shacks made of mud in the middle
    of nowhere.”

  4. Zack Johnson says:

    Great team work , best war vid i seen yet

  5. Richard Scott says:

    Simplistically — I agree, that the slightly tentative (and tentative is a
    good way to get killed our cadre instructed us) ANA guy was shot through
    one of those holes in the walls that make for murder. But, then, why did he
    say “1 down”? If the eventually downed guy was who he was engaging as he
    shot through the wall then from the doorway…where was the guy who shot
    the ANA soldier? In another room seems likely unless he ran to that room,
    shot the running soldier and then was shot by the SF.

  6. SimpliztixX says:

    Yea, I saw this used as a video on why extensive training is important. The
    ANA guy didn’t have enough training or experience to know not to run back
    outside when there’s shots fired.

  7. Limp Wood says:

    This a fact?

  8. Drew Lucas says:

    He raped blind firing

  9. Ali Fayed says:

    when i type real close quarter fire fight it bring me a 50 metre fire fight
    or something

  10. SimpliztixX says:

    The ANA guy that ran out after shots fired was killed through the hole out

  11. brycetothesims says:

    This guy does not even need the afghan army with him they ran and he
    beasted it out himself haha.

  12. Trey Woodson says:

    This reminds me of COD footage but this is so not, these special forces
    guys are crazy


  13. imagineinked says:

    That dude is a fuckin beast, that shit was bad ass. Hell yeah Get Summ!
    That guy reminds me of me!

  14. Daniel Esser says:

    why do you have to go on the internet to see this? this should be all over
    the news, remember Vietnam? the will of the people ended that war, why
    arent we ending this one? were just sending our boys to die for fucking
    nothing. what have we gained in over a decade? fucking nothing! like if
    your pissed

  15. Kapov says:

    Talivans on popsicles

  16. denmaster1211 says:

    you just earned 1 sub :)

  17. Ak476239777 says:

    Thats some pure adrenaline right there.

  18. GrowYourOwn13 says:

    Fuckin awesome

  19. SomeCallMeStev0 says:

    My left ear enjoyed this.

  20. MrGravybot says:

    0:44 close call.this shit is crazy…how’d you get this video? O.o

  21. lotbirdws6 says:

    Dam its so real looks fake… But intense didn’tsee they were armed so why
    did they shoot

  22. iDevaz says:

    my right ear is jealous of my left :(

  23. TAW Teeha says:

    Just curious is does ANA go with special forces? Sorry if its a stupid
    question. :/

  24. rax says:

    you must be real good friends with him huh

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