Surviving the Cut – S01E04 – Special Forces Diver (3/3)

Collaborate with the channel Elite special ops soldiers challenge themselves to become the most highly trained combat divers on the planet. For six weeks, they are tested in the most severe underwater conditions, pushing the limits of the human body to prove they have what it takes.
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German Navy SEK-M (Spezialisierten Einsatzkräfte der Marine), Kampfschwimmers (SEALS), Minentauchers (Mine Clearence Divers) and Boardingkompanie.
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22 Responses to Surviving the Cut – S01E04 – Special Forces Diver (3/3)

  1. angelopankratzdks says:

    She is hot and sexy wonna meet her

  2. HEZM2 says:


  3. fhmaster0801 says:

    Eine Frage an alle:
    Sind die heute immer noch in Eckerförde?


    @Dorkus89Malorkus SOrry, but no.

    The Italian Navy already in WWI begun to utilize special warfare combat group.
    In WWII the Italian Naval SF sunk the British Admiral ship in Alexandria, plus a lot more actions, both on land and sea.

    So, the Italians are the oldest Naval SF in the world.
    Nowaday, the british SBS and the SEALs come here to practice a cross training in Sardinia to improve their skills.

    This was told me by a Naval SF.

  5. TheBullet90 says:

    Kampftaucher muss doch auch ein krasser Beruf sein

  6. WICKEDMAN85 says:

    The best in the world are the S.B.S from Britain founded in 1940 and lead the way in water bourne specialist. The SEK-M look well trained though.

  7. Chrisi818 says:

    das würde ich niemals aushalten da würde ich panik grigen
    aber respekt den kampfschwimer und allgemein den soldaten deutschlands

  8. deltaecho1 says:

    they look real tired and cold.

  9. Gordonalways1 says:

    I think its really cool that everyone compares themselves to SEALs. That must mean SEALs have set the international bar

  10. TCFan25 says:

    hmmm…. founded 4 years earlier than the SEALs, why dont you calm the fuck down phoneboy

  11. ericssson says:

    calm the fuck down Billy

  12. BelgianCommando says:


  13. SuicideXX187 says:

    tiefen bis 54 meter is schon ziemlich krass

  14. niklasreuter94 says:

    ich sammle die besten vids zum thema bundeswehr, wer will kann mal auf meinem kanal gucken
    viel spaß dabei!

  15. TCFan25 says:

    Fucken better than the SEALS…. When you combine superior training along with top shelf german innovative equipment… You’ve got fucken top shelf operators

  16. Dorkus89Malorkus says:

    Ah cool, didn’t know that :) .

  17. KNIhokki says:

    Italian Decima MAS unit is older, operating in 1940-1945

  18. Dorkus89Malorkus says:

    Aye, so German combat divers are the oldest in the world :) .

    There’s something with you Jerrys and the military :P .

  19. KNIhokki says:

    That was not only experimented, 3 frogmen MEK units was operating in 1943-1945.

  20. Dorkus89Malorkus says:

    Karl Döniz experimented with combat swimmers during WW2.

  21. KNIhokki says:

    Kampfschwimmer unit was founded in August 1958. And US Navy SEALS in January 1962

  22. HazeGreyAndUnderway says:

    Same thing as the SEALs, only a younger version, no?

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