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Kar98 Sniper Rifle Speed Drawing by ThrillsAndKillz

www.youtube.com Hey guys, stop on over her video and leave a comment in the comments section telling her which gun to draw next! This video will show you how to: Draw a Kar 98 K unscoped www.twitter.com Video Rating: 4 … Continue reading

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MW2 — Spec Ops: High Explosive — SPEED RUN, 1:31 — VETERAN SOLO

In this video, I perform a speed run on the Spec Ops mission “High Explosive” on VETERAN SOLO for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. My final time is 1:31.85. To see my original tutorial video for High Explosive, click … Continue reading

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MW2 Spec Ops “High Explosive” Veteran SPEED Guide

You can do this in 5 minutes or less so in my eyes this is pretty quick. Hope this helps you can see my other guide but I like this one much better: www.youtube.com But this one should be of … Continue reading

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