World’s Top Ten Sniper Rifles

My personal opinion on the deadliest ‘toys’ in the battlefield… #1 is there due to it’s incredible range, and especially due to it’s hability to relieve the Sniper of all those time consuming calculations and equations, making the shoot a lot easier and (probably) more accurate. #2 is there due to all you may see: range, accuracy, big and deadly round but mostly because it was with that rifle that the TWO longest shoots known to man were made. Both shoots in the same operations from TWO CANADIANS in the same sniper team. Corporal Rob Furlong made a 2430 meters shoot on a moving target (3rd shoot the taliban was killed) and the other was Master Corporal Arron Perry made a 2310 meters kill. No matter how good and accurate might a Sniper Rifle be it’s ALLWAYS up to the SNIPER to make that ONE SHOOT KILL count… I apologize for the low quality of the videoclip of the HK PSG1… Please enjoy… Any doubts feel free to post it… PS Weight….. M200 Cheytac: 14 kg TAC-50: 12 kg AI AW50: 15 kg AI AS50: 14 kg Barrett M107: 16 kg L115A1/A3: 6.9 kg Sako TRG-42: 5.8 kg M40A3: 8 kg HK PSG1/MSG90: 7.2 kg M110 SASS: 7 kg note: The M40A3 is really heavy for a .308 but it virtually indestructable… Obviously if you customize your rifle the weight won’t match these standarts… C YA
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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27 Responses to World’s Top Ten Sniper Rifles

  1. Wizzzzzzzzzzzard says:

    gay music

  2. Aneesobeid says:

    What happened to Blaser, you chose sako and left out the LRS2… Need to do more research big guy:)

  3. Aneesobeid says:

    What happened to Blaser, you chose sako and left out the LRS2… Need to do more research big guy:)

  4. mdakotac says:

    @HaloPlayer96 i think its called Shooter

  5. TheGamingBasics says:

    take of intervention and put on 50 cal

  6. MrJelloWalkerr says:


  7. tje23acf says:

    @HaloPlayer96 Whats the fact it is in cod4 got 2 do with it?

  8. Tharification says:

    @HBKILLMISSU I agree, but wouldnt it suck if you were playing and your leg suddenly went off so you couldnt continue? Cuz if that happened then i would definetly be shooting after peoples legs and arms

  9. HaloPlayer96 says:

    @thestig1214 m40a3 is from cod 4, but, it is still a good gun, btw, do u know wht film the m40a3 clip is from

  10. MrShadowlord671 says:

    What about the dragonouv svd? Lol the as 50 is prob the best

  11. 14cameronskater says:

    sorry man it was a type-o (:

  12. Ruciful says:

    Ok I know you’re trying to make the video bad ass…but the music keeps raping my ears.

  13. USsniperElite says:

    @LeikanBoy so ur sitting on a chair infront of a computer looking up gun videos? awsome life rofl

  14. HBKILLMISSU says:

    whats funny is that a barret 50 caliber is an anti vehicle weapon and in mw2 when u hit him in leg it should fly off not get hitmarker

  15. MrRacetiger says:

    music sucks and is way to loud

  16. MattCHollis1988 says:

    loved the rifles, hated the stupid music that played all the way through the video

  17. latterkatta says:

    the music sucks

  18. CorporalDead says:

    @14cameronskater uhh check your calibration on the Intervention, its .408 not .406

  19. Squiremjr says:

    Lots o’ .50 cal’s! Now I’m convinced that the intervention is the best. I also like the clips from movies and future weapons.

  20. LeikanBoy says:

    @Serouisly Acctually 1¤ I´m 21 so probaly older than you… 2¤ i don´t even own a videogame kiddo i have a life

  21. mechanic7866 says:

    AS 50 FTW

  22. fatalpitdragon says:

    m107 and m82 CAL and cheytac m200 intervention were best sniper

  23. captaincake5 says:

    what movie was that one that featured the m40a3?

  24. Sarch315 says:

    AS 50 !!I LOVE THIS= =

  25. Treigthe says:

    Cheytac. No arguing. We can discuss the music selection. Some serious music problem FearlessM1.

  26. Sharp Shooter says:

    nice vid i agree with all the placings. I LOVE the intervention it kicks ass!

  27. Ramseyexpert says:

    Most of you are dumb gamers who dont know what your talking bout the m40a3 should be higher and there are plenty of 50s up there an m14 varient shoul be listed also and anyone hating on the sako trg42 can suck it cause the 338 lapua magnum is the perfect cartridge for sniper rifles

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